Cyclovac Retractable Hose System!
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  • No awkward equipment to lug around, especially in stairways
  • No dangerous and annoying electrical cord
  • No wheels to scratch wooden floors
  • No damage to walls or furniture
  • Elimination of microscopic dust particles and odors
  • 4 to 6 times more powerful than a canister vacuum cleaner, with units ranging in power from 500 Airwatts, up to 1300 Airwatts!
Built to last and whisper-Quiet

The Cyclofilter offers you triple filtration process, increasing the performance of your Cyclo Vac vacuum. First of all, the cyclonic process stirs up dust and particles in the air, sucking these particles into the container, where a centrifugal force causes the dust to sink to the bottom. Next, a washable, disposable or shakable antiblockage filter loads up with the large particles. Finally, the microscopic filter (washable or shakable) catches the finest particles (0.1 micron) and its Ultra-Fresh* treatment process prevents further microbes, fungal and mold growth.
Complete High Efficiency collection!

Complete Tradition collection!

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